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Chittagong Port Information

The port of Chittagong is the principal port of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It is situated on the right bank of the river Karnafuli a distance of 9 nautical miles from the shoreline of the Bay of Bengal. River Karnafuli rising in the Lushai Hills and falls in the Bay Bengal after taking a winding course of about 120 nautical miles through the district of Chittagong Hill Tracts and Chittagong.
With Patenga Beacon as a centre if an arc is drawn seaward with a radius of 5 1/2 nautical miles till it interfaces the coastline at positions: Lat 220 18′ 45″N, Long 900 46′ 30″ E in the north and Lat 220 08′ 13″ N. Long 910 50′ 00″ E in the South, the area enclosed with the extremities in the arc will form the seaward limit of the port of Chittagong.
  • A line is drawn with a masonry pillar situated 1.3 nautical miles upwards of the Kalurghat Railway bridge on the left bank of Karnafuli river in the village Kadurkhil & other situated on the right bank of Halcla river in the village Guzara?Noapara.
  • Aline has drawn cross the Halcla river from a masonry pillar situated on the left bank of the river & other situated 0.22 nautical mi upwards in the village Guzara?Noapara on the right bank of Karnafuli river in the village Mohora. These limits include so much of the area and of the river Karnafuli and the river Halda and the area that lie within 137.162 Metre of hic water Mark at ordinary spring tide and docks, wharves, quays, stages, jetties, piers warehouses, sheds, railway lines and yards with the limit of the bounded area and such other area outside it as included in the Schedule III of the Chittagong Port Act. The seaward approach to the Port of Chittagong may be considered to be northwards of the 18.28m contour in latitude 220 24′ North and longitude 910 30″ East. The distance to the pilot ground from the south patches shoal being 46 nautical miles on direct course. The port has the following recommended Anchorage Grounds.
ANCHORAGE “A” is formed by extending 2 (Two) lines up to the port limit, one (1st ) having to bear 3370 45’and the other (2nd ) 3100 30′ from the point having lat 220 12′ 30″ N and long 910 47′ 00″ E. ANCHORAGE “B” is formed In between 4th and 5th line having bearing 2340 extended up to port limit from the previous point. ANCHORAGE “C” is between 4th and 5th line having bearing 2340 & 1570 respectively, extended up to Port limit from a point of lat 220 12’00” N and long 910 47’12” E. The space between 3rd and 4th lines is prohibited anchorage. “A” Anchorage is for vessels over 9.2m draught. “B” Anchorage is for vessels entering the port within 24 hours. “C” Anchorage is for vessels lightering and other vessels not scheduled to enter the port within 24 hours.


Lat 200 37′ 52″ N Long 920 19′ 24″ E Flash Group (2) every 30 seconds; Visibility 17 Nautical Miles.


Lat 211 26′ 00″ N Long 911 58′ 30″ E Single flash every 15 seconds; Visibility 21?5 Nautical Miles.


Lat 210 52′ 18″ N Long 910 50′ 36″ E Flash Group (3) every 10 seconds; Visibility 17 Nautical Miles.


Lat 22(1 10′ 39″ N Long 910 49′ 30″ E Flash white every 10 seconds; Visibility 17 Nautical Miles.


Lat 220 13′ 34″ N Long 910 48′ 15’E Flash Red every 10 seconds; Visibility 13 Nautical Miles.

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